How to Submit

E-Mail your submission to

  • The subject of the email must consist only of the words ‘Submission of Work'.
  • Submit your work as an attachment in TXT or Microsoft Word format. Do not attach any other format.
  • Do not send any other attachments (photographs, other images, etc.) with the story.
  • In the body of the email, provide the following:
    • Work’s title and author's name
    • Contact e-mail (if different from the email address submitting the work)
    • A brief biography, including any recent publishing history.
  • Do not send us a large number of stories at the same time. If you have several works available, we suggest you send only one or two that give the best indication of your writing, and send them as separate submittals.
  • Refer to our Novel Submissions Guide and our Short Story Submissions Guide for guidelines on how to format your work for submission.

You should receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the submission. If you do not receive this email within a week, you should assume the submission has not reached us.

Please note that we receive a very large number of submissions and failure to adhere to these guidelines will severely decrease the chances of yours being viewed.

By submitting a work to us you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Note particularly that by submitting a work to us you guarantee that you are the owner of the copyright to that work. We do not require any transfer of this copyright - by submitting a work to us you agree to grant Papa Bear Press a non-exclusive license to publish it.

Some Thoughts on Style

We love to read stories that explore each of the following elements: setting, character, plot, and conflict. We know there is no single, cookie-cutter method for writing fiction. But we like to see stories that have some type of progression or forward momentum. Give us a hook! Something that will grip us from the beginning of the story and compel us to read all the way to the end in one sitting. Place us smack-dab in the middle of your unique world.

Next, give us an engaging character or two that we love…or love to hate! A compelling plot is a must, with a taut storyline that builds to an inevitable climax. And perhaps most importantly, give us something honest and fresh; something you care deeply about. And if you decide to break all of the conventions and write a brilliant story anyway, count on us to publish it!

Works published with Papa Bear Press are edited in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style, so we recommend you use this source as your guide as well. A subscription or printed version of the CMOS can be obtained here.